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Eva on Madison Avenue

In Eva Mendes on March 12, 2008 at 10:05 am

Looks like that besides having a cocaine habit, La Mendes has a shopping addiction. There she is shopping on her 34th birth year.


Oh well. There’s nothing like retail therapy to beat those thirtysomething blues.

[pic: Pacific Coast]


Fabulosa o Desatrosa

In Eva Mendes, Fabulosa o Desastrosa on March 7, 2008 at 9:10 am

Eva Mendes looked quite hip—hippy to be more accurate, at the Los Angeles Airport.


She must be suffering a relapse. She has to be on something to have gone in public looking like that.

[Image Source: GG]

Eva’s Morning Fix

In Eva Mendes on March 5, 2008 at 9:00 am

Look, it’s Eva Mendes with her morning latte.


Hope it’s not laced with anything else. You are on a rehab break, Evasita. Should I write you a post it?

[Image via GG]

Fabulosa o Desastrosa?

In Eva Mendes, Fabulosa o Desastrosa on February 27, 2008 at 9:00 am

Uh, look. It’s Eva Mendes, at the Independent Spirit Awards. And in the spirit of independence, she decided to rock that yellow purse with that all-nun-grey outfit.


At least…She’s looking quite sober, ain’t she? No white stains beneath those nostrils, so the stint at Cirque Lodge must have done her some good already.  Goodness what size shoe does she wear? Those toes look like they start in Miami and end at Baranquilla, Columbia or something.

Eva Mendes’s Secret Lover

In Eva Mendes on February 24, 2008 at 9:00 am

If you didn’t know, now you know: Eva Mendes has got a man, and it’s independent movie director George Gargurevich. [give yourself a cookie, if you were able to say that without stuttering].


Eva dished out on her hush-hush relationship:

“I was named on a list recently of the 10 hottest bachelorettes and I was like, ‘Really? I didn’t know I was up for grabs. Good to know.’ So there are people who don’t even know I have a boyfriend, which is fine by me.”

And looks like her publicity folks do not have paparazzi on mobile speed dial:  

“There are no public displays of affection. I don’t want that attention in my life.”

Chica, let’s see if you can keep that No PDA policy once the attention over your rehab stint has obliterated.


Eva Mendes Getting Professional Help

In Eva Mendes on February 20, 2008 at 8:00 am

Some people will stop at nothing to get some piece of mind. La Mendes, fresh out of rehab, confessed that she’s seeing a shrink. Let me correct my verb usage. She’s been seeing a shrink. For 2 years, now.


“When I started to become recognizable and somewhat famous, that was really hard for me to deal with. It was either I quit acting or I get some help, some tools to help me deal with fame and all that weirdness.”

Atta, chica. Get that ayudo. Evasita, you might want to get a price reduction, since that psychiatra didn’t prevent your Cirque Lodge admission, and all.

Roselyn Sanchez for PETA

In Eva Mendes, Roselyn Sanchez on February 12, 2008 at 10:30 am

Roselyn Sanchez has joined Eva Mendes as one of the many stars who’d rather go naked than wear fur.


 Hope she, like, Evasita doesn’t get in the rehab line.

What’s Eating Eva Mendes

In Eva Mendes on February 8, 2008 at 12:00 pm

Eva is in rehab at Cirque Lodge in Utah. No, she’s out. Now, she’s heading back in.


 Steve Carafelli, La Mendes’s heralder told E!:

“Eva is attending to some personal business in Los Angeles and intends to return to complete her treatment shortly.”

Just head to the dollar store Eva, and get yourself one of those $1 notebooks, and start writing. I’ve read that writing your thoughts out real help you clear out your head. Please cut that cocaine habit. Addictions get expensive, not mention cut out work. At least, you’ve wrapped up production on The Women and those Calvin Klein commercials.

Will Eva Mendes Lose her Calvin Klein Endorsement Deal?

In Eva Mendes on February 5, 2008 at 9:20 am

With Eva Mendes checking herself in rehab, wonder if those wonderful gente at Calvin Klein are getting nervous?


You know how companies are. When you’re doing good, they’re all up on you. They want to use you to push and peddle their stuff. And when you’re having some image challenge, you look right and left and can’t find ’em. She is suppose to be the face of their  Fall advertising campaign for their fragrances line. They’ve already given the “We-support Eva-during-this-difficult-time-and-respect-her-decision to- seek-professional-help” statement release…

But, who knows what they’re really thinking?

Eva Mendes in ‘hab

In Eva Mendes on February 4, 2008 at 8:05 am

Eva Mendes. In ‘hab. Who would have thought? But sure enough, word came through her publicist:

 “Eva has been working hard for the past year and made a positive decision to take some much-needed time off to proactively attend to some personal issues that, while not critical, she felt deserved some outside professional support.”

 Only last year, La Mendes was running her mouth to Gotham magazine about the out-of-control Hollywood townfolksgals:


“You know [who they are]—pick up Us Weekly and they’re there. I feel bad for these girls. I don’t look down on them. I think they’re in a really hard situation. It’s out of control. I look at them with sympathetic eyes because I just can’t imagine how it is to deal with that.”

Well, Eva is dealing with that. But only at a smaller extent (as far as we know anyway). Some people sure know how to keep up appearances.

Guess the point is, she realized she had a problem and took the steps to remedy it. Wishing her a speedy recovery. Girl, hurry, there’s movies to shoot, Sexiest of Lists to top. If you’re locked up in some rehab suite, who am I going to dish on? Come on, now.