About Hissip

Email: hissiper[at]gmail.com 

HISSIP is one of the most popular gossip sites about Hispanic celebrities. It’s based in Miami, the capital of the Latino community.

Q: I am writing an article about a Latino or a Latina celebrity. Can you provide me with a quote?

A. Certainly. Just send us an email at hissiper[at]gmail.com and we’ll be glad to. 

Q. What does Hissip stand for?  

A. Yes, in case you were wondering, Hissip is a merging of Hispanic + Gossip= Hissip.

 Q: I know you say that Hissip is a combination of Hispanic + Gossip, but which ‘s’ did you use?

A: (sigh) We used one ‘s’ from Hispanic and one ‘s’ from the word gossip. We thought it only fair to equally distribute the ‘s’s.

Q: Don’t Hispanic celebrities have enough problems? Why would one of their own want to set up a website just to gossip about them?

A: Everybody has love for their community, but should that stop us from circulating chismes or depriving faithful Hissip readers? Come now, comadres and compadres. If you’ve never gossipped in your whole life, be the first one to throw the stone. Just don’t let it hit you.  We don’t provide first aid here.


Think it’s not worth throwing your dollars on Hispanic consumers? Well, you’re pure idiota. Email me your name and the company you work for and I will certainly email the person you report to, about the big dummy it has on its payroll. Don’t report to anyone? Let me know who your VC is. There goes your entrepreneurial dreams.

Oh, and a little about me…The Hissiper…

Education: I’m a college graduate…120 credits in all. So now, I’m not some immature little wrench who has a lot of time on her hands.

My Dream…

E! is having its Hottest Hispanics countdowns or VH1 has its “Best Week Ever”, and I’m one of the pundits who says something really, really clever ( I script my own stuff, of course). Betsy Rott and Michael Hirschorn, hope you’re reading this! Or have some little lackey that is.

 Favorite Telenovelas of all Time

La Mujer en El Espejo (2004), and Rencor Apasionado (originally ran in 1998, but saw it in 2006)


Clothes, clothes…and more clothes…shoes, especially boots. I did say clothes, no?

I like to rock Jonathan Martin, Juicy Couture, xoxo, dollhouse, En Focus Studio, Stores of Choice: Rainbow, Forever 21, Ross, Burlington Coat Factory.

In high school I was…

…the girl who spent all her time in the library…surfing the Internet.

 Haven’t been able to rock, but would like to: something by Elie Tahari…love to watch celebs rock his clothes on the red carpet.

  1. pls contact me.

  2. Dearest staff of HISSIP,
    My name is Raul Carrasco and I am from San Antio, I have learned about nuestra cultura and the history of the San Antonio public library downtown branch has an enormous collection of books purtaing to anthropology and history of the hispanic culture. Recognizing San Augustine, Florida as the first European settlment I am slowly but very strongly gaining knowledge as to who I am and where I come from. The hispanic culture is a most beautiful one indeed. Little do our own people know who we are…hispanos (North, Central and South America as we all come from the same blood). The vail from the middle east,the origional spelling of my first name: “Rahul”, the flat bread we prepare are among many other clues that indicate our blood is predominantly and origionally middle eastern. Our music as well screams African influence through the percussion we abuse to pound a rhythm. As an Antropologist I could go on and on about other practices in our culture. It is easy for me to deviate from a point I am trying to convey, or should I say make people aware of a person of our heritage who has come a long way in western society; a graduate of the University of Chicago and a publish writer by the name of Sandra Cisneros.
    I have had the privlage of meeting her long before she gained notoriety and popularity. Sitting in English composition I also had the pleasure of reading a sample of her work use in a college textbook at Cameron University, OK. Now living the family life I live, I am deviated from most current events pertaining to the arts. It would really be wonderful to know where she is at and what she is up to these days.
    Con todo Amor,
    Raul Carrasco

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