No Rape Charges for Esai Morales

In Esaie Morales on March 13, 2008 at 12:00 pm

Esai Morales is off the hook for allegedly raping his ex Elizabeth Mazzochi in April of 2006.  


“Morales’ attorney said that he’s happy the actor was vindicated and that Morales was never questioned by the police, never taken into custody, and there were never any charges brought against him. He also noted that Morales’ former girlfriend continued to live with the actor for months after the alleged attack.”

And that’s lack of evidence?  

Um, actually Mr. Attorney to El Morales, rape victims are known to harbor guilt, and it wouldn’t be unusual for her to come to terms to the fact that she was raped, long after. It happens all the time, this whole delayed victimization realization stuff.

One thing about rapists: they always strike again. So see you at the next headline, Esaie.



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