Fat Joe Ready to Rumble

In Fat Joe on March 10, 2008 at 9:44 am

Fat Joe is mad as un inferno, and he’s not taking it anymore. According to El Gordo, rapper 50 Cent has been hitting him with some serious guerilla internet defamation and he had it up to his burger-splurging mouth:


“This guy [talkin’ about 50] is so disrespectful that I would love to just punch him in his mouth so hard. I want to know who gives him the right and authority to talk about people and their families whenever he feels like it and then say “alright we can be cool now”. I wanna know who gives him that authority?”

And don’t let him get started on his former comadre Remy Ma.

“You gotta understand, I took this girl from the projects. From nothing and then put her in a house in Jersey with beamers and Bentleys. Every time I saw her she had a whole pocketbook full of money. Then people got in her head and she wanted to leave Terror Squad and so I let her go. It’s been 2 ½ years and I haven’t heard any hit records from her. All I keep hearing is disrespect out of the mouth for me. So you know she got on my nerves one too many times, and she’s a female so I had to take it out on her man. You know she lives with Papoose so I had to punch him in his face one time.”

Don’t fight, Joe. Just eat a few more burgers and just…lean back…lean back.



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