Eva Longoria Defends Gabrielle Solis

In Eva Longoria on February 28, 2008 at 8:30 am

Someone with a Bible could pin down Gabrielle Solis’s rupture of all the ten commandments over the last couple of seasons of “Desperate Housewives”, even the woman who plays her E.Lo.


“I wouldn’t like me very much if I did all those things to my girlfriends. I think Marc Cherry [the show’s writer] writes these evil, evil things but in a light, fun way with great physical comedy aspects to it. I don’t know why people like her but I’m really glad [they] do.”

Yeah? You wouldn’t have a career otherwise. We see how you’re always whining, and you have a big stash, a fine husband, and plenty of designers sucking up. Wonder where the whining meter would be, if that wasn’t the case. 


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