HISSIP RADAR: Melonie Diaz

In Hissiper's radar, Melonie Diaz on February 26, 2008 at 11:00 am

Actress Melonie Diaz has been getting all sorts of acclaim, especially for an independent little film called Be Kind and Rewind. She’s shared her philosophy about acting recently:


”I am not a Method actor. I don’t know how to build a character. It’s a little conceited to say you are natural, but that’s what people have said about my performances. I can only justify it by saying I am playing a part of myself.

Melonie is a Nuyorican, which makes her a target for the Hissiper’s radar. So, um, Melonie, you are now officially on the Hissiper’s radar. I see you, Melonie. You can’t hide.

[pic cred: AP/Dan Steinberg; image/quote via [SLT]

  1. Melonie Diaz is a natural, with life providing her the elements and tools for success. She is destined to become one of the great actresses of our time, and she has an excellent background and value system to sustain her climb.

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