Ana De la Reguera Regreso!

In Ana De La Reguera on February 26, 2008 at 11:00 am

Ana De la Reguera will be starring in “Capadocia”, which will reunite her with Dolores Heredia  who played her mother  in “Gitanas”, but don’t picture a “Gitanas”, clone. And hombres don’t expect those cleavage fests like the ones from Ana’s previous series. 


One critic pretty much summed up the 13-episode series, writing:

“En efecto, “Capadocia” es una excepción en la tv mexicana: no es una telenovela rosa protagonizada por galanes con poca ropa de la cintura para abajo … “Capadocia” es una denuncia del sistema penitenciario, al mismo tiempo que una historia sobre mujeres encarceladas.”

“Capadocia is an oddball in Mexican television.  It’s not a rosy telenovela with beautiful hunks with little clothes on and a lot of cleavage… “Capadocia” is an expose of the prison system, and at the same time it’s a story about incarcerated women.”


Well thank goodness it only runs for 13 episodes, and will be out of our faces. We’re sure that as one of AskMen.com’s sexiest women, Ana will find a way to lure viewers and to let a little cleave slip.



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