Dulce María’s Side Hustle

In Dulce María, RBD on February 18, 2008 at 11:07 am

The singing Glatina from the group RBD wants you to know that she’s not just some little telenovela-actress-singer-trophy with with a wig crypt soaked in hot cranberry dye, mixed with some tequila.


She’s an author as well, yokay? La Mexicana just came out with a book, which features a collection of songs, drawings, sketches, poems, etc. Well, officially. Fans had actually been circulating the book on the Internet, illegally; goodness knows where they got it (check the underpaid staffers at your publisher, Dulce). And unlike some Hollywood pulp, it’s not written by some ghostwriter. It’s all hers and hers alone:

“Escribir este libro es abrir mi corazón para que

  1. […] all those news reports about a recession are really getting to Latino celebridades. Everybody’s trying to get a back-up […]

  2. dulce maria is too ugly.pt cei kre nusht engleza ”foarte urata”e nashpa rau

  3. ola miamor muqo gusto gjoj so una nombre ke te ama muqo gjo es i kosova pz oki qao

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