Out of the Mouth of a Little Latina Babe

In Selena Gomez on February 14, 2008 at 9:00 am

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  1. i luv selena

  2. Ever since I saw Selena star on Disneys, Wizards of Waverly place, I feel in love with the show. I don’t mean that in a weird, freaky way, but seeing Selena act on the show always makes me want to watch the show when it comes on, and magic is always cool to me. The way Selena used magic to get by tense situations on the show made her look even more creative to me. I see Selena not only as a talented latino teenage girl, but also as an adoreable latino girl that has a bright future ahead. I know that I don’t actually know Selena in person, but I can just tell she’s a very special, attractive girl. I may be a couple years older than Selena (17), but for 15, I think Selena is a very mature teenager, and I believe she should keep doing what she believes is right and not worry about any negative comments anyone gives her, because I like Selena, and I hope she keeps doing what she wants to do and not what anyone thinks or wants her to do…

  3. i think selena gomez is hot! She is very attractive and talented. I wish she wasnt famous so i can have a chance with her =D.

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