Exclusive: Jimmy Smits Sounds Off About “Cane”

In Jimmy Smits on February 14, 2008 at 8:00 am

Now that the writer’s strike is winding down, or gosh near over, does this mean “Cane” will continue to survive? Lots of gente would miss seeing Jimmy Smits and Co. Jimmy, who plays Alex Vega on the show sounded off to Metro San Juan about his character.


He had a lot to say as well about television business  and ratings politics:

“I think that there are adjustments, but [networks] are involved in a business and they have shareholders to report to and all of that.So they are adjusting their –at least from what I see–they are trying to adjust their strategies and realize that they need to be a little bit more supportive on the long-term basis. So we’ll see. They’ve been very positive, but without the… I don’t know if two months from now, if we level off and continue to have a following that can have a little bit of, you know, move a little bit upward then we’ll continue. If we drop to a significant number that they decide on, then it won’t be financially to their benefit to keep going.”

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  1. So much crap on TV. Cane was quality-the cast was extra-quality.
    It was my favorite and then–as all quality shows of the past; gone!
    Will CBS bring it back? Will another network pick it up?
    I hope so-I am a baby-boomer and that cast (older actors (especially) and younger actors) were first rate.
    Smits and Co. a class act !

  2. To Bad,finally a worth wild program to watch and be excited about,my husband and I would would look forward to watching. Its been a long time since we enjoyed a program on T.V. worth looking forward to watching.How disappointing,you cant go wrong with (Jimmy Smits).

  3. CBS, You BLOW! Why must you assholes consistently Cancel GOOD QUALITY SHOWS?? There are a ton of people like us who invest the time to watch your series, (and advertisers) and then you pull the fucking rug out from under us! Repeatedly! I have been burned enough! Fuck CBS, NBC, ABC, the whole lot of you! I will be watching DVDs, and Satellite, and FUCK the big 3, AND their advertisers. Your business model is going down the toilet, especially when you repeatedly fuck over the fan base. I can’t count the number of series that you have cancelled on us, when we would faithfully watch them each week. I wash my hands of you, and will never waste my time on network television again. BTW. Reality TV is not the answer, unless your target market is Joe sixpack and the rest of his Trailer-Trash brethren.

  4. I’ve been waiting and waiting for Cane. I finally checked to see when it was going to start and now I find out its been cancelled. Why? I agree with Lee Maisel without all the swear words. It was a great show and you should bring it back.

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