Prodigal Daughter Jessica Alba

In Jessica Alba on February 13, 2008 at 8:08 am

Now that being Latina is in style, Jessica Alba wants to join the band wagon.

The star is reclaiming her roots, roots she claims she never denied. Ooh, and she wants the fetus growing within her to be dark. Like her. And about reports that she’s said she didn’t consider herself Latina:

“I  never said that. Cut loose from what? Why would I want to cut loose from the only family I know? I always took pride in being Latina, it’s something I always embraced. But when I got shunned, it made me feel really bad, like maybe I’m not.”

La Alba closed out by saying that Latinas are, well, quite hot, so much so that they’re spawning imitators:

“I like that I look different; I like having flavor. I think it’s funny that women get their lips injected, butt implants – everyone wants to look like us now.”

Making it so much easier for you to say you’re Latina, huh, Yessy?



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