Mariah’s Aging Blues

In Mariah Carey on February 12, 2008 at 10:00 am

Mariah is turning 40 in 2010, and she’s already panicking. A no-good friend told the London Mirror:

“She kept having to raid old closets for bigger clothes or buy new stuff. Finally, she just said to herself: ‘You’re stronger than this – you can be any size you want.'”

 All the self-talk, though, didn’t stop the panic. So, La Riah hit the diet circuit. The frienemy continued with her snitching, saying that Me!Me! was quite happy with the results she got, telling her friend:

“I’m muscular and have a butt and thighs, so I’ll never be as skinny as Paris Hilton.But I think I look good and I feel good, too. I hope I’m turning a few heads for a while to come.”


You will querida. Comfort yourself with these thoughts Me!Me!: at least you’re not turning 50 in two years.


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