Maribel Guardia the Mogul

In Maribel Guardia on February 6, 2008 at 11:35 am

Maribel Guardia is turning herself into a beauty mogul, and will be launching her own lipstick line, and of course, the celebrity enterpreneur staple…a perfume.


Don’t expect her perfume to stink up all of Mexico, though.

“Me encantan los colores vivos. El rosa para los labios se me hace muy sensual. Quiero un cosmético discreto, pero que distinga la personalidad de cada mujer y un perfume de acuerdo a tu personalidad. Me gustan los aromas florales discretos”.

“I love lively colors. Roses for the lips make me feel very sensual. I want a subtle cosmetics line, but the kind that brings out the personality of every woman and a perfume that goes with the personality. I love flower scents that are discreet.”

We’d like it like that too, Maribel. If it’s another thing we don’t need it’s  another stinky celeb perfume.



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