For Aging Latinas, Telenovelas is the Place to Be

In Jacqueline Andere, Laura Flores, Laura Zapata, Lucia Mendez, Lupita Ferrer, Telenovelas, Victoria Ruffo on February 5, 2008 at 9:05 am

Look at a telenovela these days and it’s hard to see any jovens. . Practically all of the women playing leads are over 40 or so. Yep, It’s viejas right and left. Don’t American actresses wish they could have it like that?


There’s Victoria Ruffo in the remake of “Mirada de Mujer” entitled “Victoria”, born in May 1962.

And there’s Susanna Gonzalez…born in 1973. Oh, wait, ’73 would make her about 35. So, she only looks old. My bad. laura-flores.jpg

 And Laura Flores? She’s the lead in “Al Diablo Con Los Guapos”. She’s an August of ’63 nina.

Laura Zapata, Jacqueline Andere  (“Amor sin maquillaje”and Lupita Ferrer (“Pecados Ajenos”) do not have lead roles, but they’re still rocking the pasion.


Lucia Mendez, of Ama de “Casas Desesperadas” was born the year 1955.

What could be inspiring this agelicious trend? Could there be a lack of young actresses in telenovela land?

Nah. It’s ’cause Latinos don’t abandon their aging hags. That’s what.


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