Laura and Thalia Bury the Hatchet

In Laura Zapata, Thalia Sodi on January 30, 2008 at 12:23 pm

When it comes to family drama, ain’t no family in the world who had anything on half-sisters Laura Zapata and Thalia Sodi. They’ve made up, then stopped speaking again. Repeat cycle. But the sisters are taking steps to making up gracias a Dios.

thalias.jpg thaliass.jpg

The hermanas have a lot to catch up on. Laura’s never actually seen Thalia’s daughter Sabrina Sakaë. Laura told People en Espanol:

“I already received the address where I can send Sabrina gifts, and that makes me happy. I told [Thalía] that now that she’s a mother she’s going to understand a lot of things, and she agreed, saying ‘I already understand a lot of things as a mother, and I also understand that I love you.’”


All that reconcilation stuff stops at Thalia, though. Laura says that she’s not taking steps to making up with her mother Yolanda Miranda Mange. Go figure. You ought to start your reconciliation game on your mother and then your half-sister. God knows life is short.

I can already hear the sisters’ first conversation together, with Laura swapping plastic surgeon references with Thalia. Oh, the love.


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