Juanes the Mogul

In Juanes on January 29, 2008 at 10:01 am

Juanes now has his own music label. 4J’s, he calls it, after the first initial of the men in his family. Juanesito promises to bring Columbian talent to the forefront saying:


“We [he and his record label associates] get information from everywhere – the Atlantic and Pacific coasts. And the young, because of our reality, are curious and have lots to say. We’re not waiting for time to pass us by.”  

That reality includes national profiling at international airports:

“It’s hard for Colombians,” he says. “Every time you’re in an airport, they think you’re a narco-trafficker.

Chill, Juanesito. It could be worse. ‘Tis better to be harassed for being a national from a narcotics-happy country, than to be fashion policed for being a fug.



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