In Fat Joe, No Me Digas on January 19, 2008 at 9:13 am

You know a rapper is about to have an album out when all over sudden he’s trying to open beef scabs. Ahem, Fat Joe’s album “The Elephant in the Room” is set to drop in March from Virgin Records and the blitz has begun.  


 The rapper taped an appearance this week on BET’s Rap City and bragged host Q-45’s head off:

“Do you know the life span of an artist? Artists don’t last no more than two albums. He come out, he a new sensation, he got a hot record. When he come out with the second album, he don’t even have a hit, he’s gone, similar to a Young Buck/Lloyd Banks situation. That’s real talk, they outta here. I’ve been in the game for 14 years. I’ve been dropping so many hits. Do you know how hard it is for a guy to make a hit record every single time? This record right now is about to be #1 in the country. It’s killin’ them. You can’t stop me. So my thing is why not give credit where credit is due?”

While going on with his bragging rhapsody, Fatty Joe took a little time to take credit for the success of many artists:

“If a dude keep bringing out number one records ‘Make It Rain,’… ‘Lean Back’ made them ‘Lean Wit it, Rock Wit It,’ made em ‘Shoulder Lean,’ matter fact blame me for ‘Pop, Lock and Drop It’ cause ‘Lean Back’ started that. ‘Make it Rain’…”Rihanna” had to talk about it, she had to get an umbrella. How many people you seen make it rain after a song like that? But they don’t want to talk about Fat Joe like he’s top ten. Elephant is in the Room, the Room is hip-hop!”

Por favor, hermano.

[Transcription Credit: SOHH)


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