Rosie Perez’s Green Wish

In Rosie Perez on January 16, 2008 at 5:58 pm

Rosie Perez co-hosted the Urban Wheels Awards last night in Detroit with Kevin Frazier and didn’t make it a secret that she wants to go green.


 She’s undecided between a Toyota and a Ford Escape (subtext: bigging up the car industry or supporting the environment):

“Toyota is a great company, but I would love to see Americans have jobs and prosperity. I believe we’ll have prosperity, and we won’t have layoffs if we go green.”


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  2. What is Rosie Perez doing these days? The last time I heard her name was on Kanye West’s album on track #1 “Good Morning.” Nice website you got here. SOMETHING DIFFERENT!I bet it’s J-Lo behind that keyboard!

  3. Let’s hope that the environmental lover in Rosie triumphs. Toyota has never done anything for me!

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