If at First, Second, You don’t Succeed…

In Christina Milian on January 15, 2008 at 1:45 pm

…try again and again til you get it right.


Christina Milian’s singing career has a new home. Milian has  signed on with  MySpace’s new recording label in a collaboration with Interscope Records. Def Jam, ChrissyMili’s previous label gave her the boot. Reports the BV Buzz:

“Milian currently dates producer Dre of the producing duo Cool and Dre . The production team produced the majority of her last album on Island Def Jam and reports claimed that since Milian only wanted her boyfriend to produce the album, the label decided to drop her once it performed poorly.”

Let’s hope that the tide turns for Christina’s next album, and that she makes more fruitious decisions about her career. She actually turned down the song “S.O.S”. , which eventually became a big hit for fellow singer Rihanna.


  1. […] It’s really interesting to see how this ends up playing out. MySpace has a lot of clout as a social media platform. And with this back-up, and ChrissyMil’s talent, she should do better than she did with those other albums that flopped worse than a wheat barley pancake. […]

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