Spanish “Desperate Housewives” a Big Winner

In Ana Serradilla, Gabriela Vergara, Julieta Rosen, Lorna Paz, Lucia Mendez, Scarlet Ortiz, Telenovelas, Univision on January 11, 2008 at 7:49 pm

When you take the saucy storyline of ABC’s phenomenal hit “Desperate Housewives” and you transplant it into a telenovela, and you recruit telenovela/s biggest beauties/actresses—Lucia Mendez, Scarlet Ortiz, Lorna Paz, Ana Serradilla, Gabriela Vergara and Julieta Rosen—what do you get? A big hit, that’s what. Only in its first week and


Univision’s new telenovela “Amas de Casas Desesperadas” is already giving Telemundo a run for its money.

It wasn’t much of a gamble. All the right elements were there. Isn’t Univision glad it didn’t take the dubbed route?

  1. scarlet ortiz and ana serradiila are so beatiful than
    any one else

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