Will “Cane” Weather out Writer’s Strike?

In Cane, Eddie Matos, Hector Elizondo, Jimmy Smits, Lina Esco, Michael Trevino, Nestor Carboneell, Oscar Torre, Poala Turbay, Rita Moreno on January 10, 2008 at 9:51 am

It was too good to be true from the beginning.


A non-stereotypical drama about a Latino family (Cuban to be precise) on prime-time. But the future of The Sopranos-Dyansty hybrid “Cane” starring Jimmy Smits, the legendary Rita Moreno, acting veteran Hector Elizondo, Michael Trevino, Lina Esco, Nestor Carbonell, Paola Turbay, Eddie Matos—could be in jeopardy. Oscar Torre told the Miami Herald:

    “We don’t know yet with the whole strike thing. Luckily we were able to get the 13 [episodes]in. It’s completely up in the air. If the writers’ strike gets settled soon, we should know right after. The fact that they haven’t canceled us yet is good news, but . . . I’m just trying to remain positive.”

Keep being positive. And let’s hope things work out just fine.

  1. I hope!!! I really like this show!! Me and my boyfreind watched it every week!!!

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