Jose Gonzalez Goes Green

In Jose Gonzalez on January 10, 2008 at 8:45 am

Going green is the thing to do these days in celebrityhood. 


Some cynics (and no: cynics isn’t a noun replacement for The Hissiper) might wonder whether they’re doing it for the publicity or for the good of the environment, but you can count on having a sincere earth lover in Jose Gonzalez. Being green is not just about showing up at the latest paparazzi-infested event for a photo op. For him, it goes on when he’s out of the public eye too.

Gonzalez’s road touring staff will be handing out reusable water bottles as part of the singer’s green  effort. The singer has also teamed up with the organization Reverb to calculate the CO2 footprint of the undertaking–from venue energy use to transportation emissions–and work to neutralize it by supporting green alternative solutions on the tour. Tickets for the outing–which will hit 26 cities throughout March–will include a 50-cent surcharge to help offset Reverb’s environmental efforts, according to one report.

But don’t think the album is going to be about leaves and grass. The singer said:

“The lyrics are far from biological. It’s mainly the theme that interests me.”



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