Ana Ortiz Reveals “Ugly Betty” Casting Secret

In America Ferrera, Ana Ortiz, Ugly Betty on January 10, 2008 at 9:06 am

Ever wonder how Ana Ortiz maximed her chances of getting the role of America Ferrera’s sister Hilda Suarez on “Ugly Betty”?  Wonder no more. The actress simply dressed the part.


     “I was super plain. I just put on some glasses and kept my hair kind of flat and layered on the clothing. I knew that the role was really wrong for me. My objective was mainly to go in there and give a really good audition because I was so excited about the project. I just wanted them to remember me, so that I could be involved in the future.”

Ana also teased the press about whether her character Hilda will get together with Daniel:

    “I don’t know. They’ve never given us much of an inkling of that. We had the one episode where I sort of just (kissed him) to torture Betty. That makes me giggle. It definitely would be fun and interesting.They’ve never said anything to me about it, but they have talked about Hilda’s dating, so something is in the works.”

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