Mariah Carey Says Hell No to Jennifer Lopez Duet

In Jennifer Lopez, Mariah Carey on January 8, 2008 at 11:06 am

At some point, your overworking brain has probably thought about how great it would be if Mariah Carey and Jennifer Lopez, two great Latinas would do a song together. File this fantasy under ‘Dream On’, ’cause it ain’t gonna happen. When asked about the possibility, Mariah, while being interviewed by “Inside Hollywood”, The Riah said:

jlop.jpg  mariahc.jpg

    “I’d rather be on stage with a pig! A duet with Jennifer Lopez and me just isn’t going to happen.”

Ouch. Sounds like a little bit of resentment to me. Yeni doesn’t have half of the pipes, but she gets as much fame and attention. This must be getting on Mariah’s nerves.

According to a source, this rivalry goes waaay back, when J.Lo sampled two of the songs that would eventually be on soundtrack to Mariah’s soundrack to her movie Glitter.

    “Mariah was so paranoid about the music getting out that we had another singer sing the temporary versions before the film was released.”

We all know the rest of the story. Glitter tanked, and J.Lo’s album blew up. But surely, there’s enough room for everyone.

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