Jennifer Lopez’s sonogram is in: it’s a boy, and a girl

In Jennifer Lopez, Marc Anthony on January 4, 2008 at 8:37 pm

While it was no secret that Jennifer Lopez is expecting twins, the sex of the Marc Anthony and Yeni babies have been a mystery. Until now. JLo recently got a sonogram, and it revealed that that it’s gonna be a boy and a girl. The singer has had monogrammed Princess and Prince at celeb baby bump haven Petit Tresor. Wonder what their names will be..


JLo has also admitted in an interview that her preggers status has turned her into a big cry baby:

“Anything that is touching makes me cry – any commercial that is sappy and silly. Things about dads make me cry, maybe because of my relationship with my own father. But anytime I see anything about a dad with his little girl, and I’m over tired, I’m gone!”

Pic: Splash News

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