Putumayo Rocks Reggaeton

In Cultura Profética, Mayra Vego, Musica, reggaeton, Ticklah on December 29, 2007 at 8:58 pm

latin-reggae.jpgNo one rocks world music like Putumayo. Their newest compilation entitled Putumayo Presents: Latin Reggae is an audio manual to the reggaeton genre, and is an additional level ambitious from its previous Latin-themed discs as Putumayo Presents: Latin Lounge and Putumayo Presents: Latin Groove. Your abuela probably makes good arroz and pollo, but I doubt she can work a stew like this. The disc features songs from Chilean group Libros Sagrados, and features a Ticklah and Mayra Vego collaboration, the slamming “Si Hecho Palante” as well as a bouncing jam “Reggae Rustico”  from the Puerto Rican reaggaetoners Cultura Profética and ends later with Desbaratado from the culture hybrid Sarazino. Putumayo Presents: Latin Reggae isn’t the first reggaeton compilation, but it sure made you wish that others to come could be as all-compassing.

  1. I agree there’s real reggae and then there’s Putamayo and then there’s some weird reggaeton..

    I’m more into reggae-punk, like Todos Tus Muertos…these argentineans rock! have you seen this video?

    It’s amazing

  2. Hello, Itis a nice intention from you making a review of the newest releases of Putumayo, but you have made BIG mistakes, first of all “reggaeton” has nothing to do with Reggae, you may need to find out the big differences, I am not going to explain, but – Libros Sagrados – is not the name of the band from Chile, the name of the band is Gondwana and they have been trough for 20 years long, another thing you are calling reggeatoners to Cultura Profetica, Have listend to them at least? You certanlly if you are going to publish a review of something you need to have more information and know what are you gointo to talk about first…
    Pss listent to the CD and you will find that is has nothing to do with the stupid reggaeton.

    Than you.

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