Reporter: Tony Didn’t Cheat on Eva

In Eva Longoria on December 26, 2007 at 6:04 pm

…at least not with French model Alexandra Paressant.  According to a People reporter/investigator, evidence has exonerated Parker, as Paressant is pathological liar. She made up everything, including photos, and of course the story about her having a passionate fling with Eva Longoria’s husband Tony Parker. A childhood friend of Paressant’s interviewed told reporter Dana Kennedy: “She was never happy in her own skin. She never thought she was pretty enough. She was troubled. It was like she felt she didn’t really exist.”

She was so unhappy, it seems, that she resorted to fabricating fantasy stories? She suffers from some personality disorder? Any psychotherapists out there? Help me out.


Apparently, Ms. Paressant herself isn’t real. The U.S. modeling agency representing her, had never had a face-to-face with her. What’s more the pics that have been circulating of her, are not even of her. But Tony won’t be off the hook that easily. If he’s not cheating with Alexandra, he’ll be cheating with someone. Mark my words.


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