Alejandro Sanz after the meltdown

In Alejandro Sanz, Jaydy Mitchel on December 25, 2007 at 6:28 pm

Everything that could possibly go wrong with Alejandro Sanz’s life did. Take a look at this drama-filled timeline:

2005-father dies, gets separated from beautiful wife Jaydy Mitchel and their daughter Manuela

2006-Alejandra lets it known to the world that his jumpoff has a 3-year old son by him, ooh and also in that year there was all sorts of brouhaha when the househelp were trying to allegedly extort money out of him in exchange for not telling his sordid secrets  

No wonder the singer-songwriter had to go get some professional help. But now he’s back, with all the therapy healing that his money could get him.

“I spent a lot more time focused on simple things — and not so much on big things, or only thinking about my work. I made time for my children. Really, it helped me a lot.”

Look on the bright side, Alejandro. Now you’ve got so much more material for your future albums.



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