Pitbull Arrested for DUI

In Pitbull on December 21, 2007 at 6:25 pm

pitbull.jpg  Want a pitbull to act crazier than normal?

Give him a drink or two. Heck, go crazy. Give him the whole barrel. Armando Chris Perez, aka Mr. 305, aka Lil’ Chico was stopped by police for doing 93 MPH in a 55 mile zone. The popo encounter went a little something like this, according to the police report:

[Miami-Dace police officer Marc] Slimak repeatedly asked Perez to step away from the Mercedes. Finally he [Pitbull] did, saying “Come on papo, what’s up?”Slimak tried explaining. Perez interrupted, ”Come on, This ain’t nuthin. You’re wasting your time.’

‘As he spoke, I could detect a strong breath odor of alcohol over the gum he was chewing,” Slimak wrote in the police report.

With bloodshot eyes and rapid, slurred speech, Perez said ”nope” when asked if he had been drinking. Then [rap star] laughed.

 ”Let’s not do this, yo,” [Pitbull] said when asked to undergo a field sobriety test. [Source]

Pitfull ended up failing the alcohol test and spent a few hours in jails, before posting $1,000 bail.  Was it the excitement from having his album The Boatlift released last month?

  1. How these celebs get off so easy amazes me..

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