Victoria Ruffo in Victoria

In Adriana Romero, Andrea Lopez, Arturo Peniche, Camilo Trujillo, Diana Quijano, Geraldine Bazan, Inés Prieto, Javier del Giudicce, José Julián Gaviria, Laura Londoño and Paola Díaz, Laura Perico, Margalida Castro, Ricardo Abarca, Ricardo González, Roberto Manrique, Victoria Ruffo on December 11, 2007 at 11:41 pm


After triumphing in La Madrastra, Victoria Ruffo is finding herself back on my TV screen. She’s starring in a remake of Mirada de Mujer already in its first week on Telemundo.  You gotta hand it to Telemundo and Univision. They never dis the older actresses. They always find a way to give them some work to do. Bravo canales! Speaking of which…isn’t it funny how the

  1. Hi..I’m glad that she has a new telenovela. I’m her number fan in Asia. She is an actress with class and beauty.

  2. The soap opera is beatiful,Victoria is the best actress

  3. Heyi love this telenovela,is the best ever and victoria ruffo and maurici ochmna are the best ever!!!!!!!!i am their #1 fan!!!!!i love u victoria ruffo and mauricio ochman (i speak spanish)im cuban!!!!!!

  4. I Love this novela, I watch it every night.Haven’t missed one episode!!!!
    I’m not a novela person but I watched Mirada de Mujer about nine years ago. So I heard of a remake and was excited to see it. My oldestdaughter loves this novela too, and she is not
    a type of person who wacthes the spanish channels. I am a mexican and proud to be one and
    I do understand and also speak spanish.

  5. te quero y quero que sepas que soi tu fan;)dame un mail porfii;))adios

  6. Hi i’m from Serbia…i don’t watch TV novela’s but i like Victoria Ruffo she is my idol 🙂 She is a good acterss…
    That’s all bye bye 🙂

  7. je shum perfect grua e cila ka edhe guxim e edhe bukuri te shfaqet neper ekranet televizive
    te dua ……………

  8. i love this novela,i love u Victoria Ruffo and Mauricio Ochman

  9. salut. imi place mult aceasta telenovela, ii ador pe Victoria si pe Jeronimo, joaca atit de pasional, super…

  10. tung ku je shka po ban si po kalon a ban me dit emrina tan te vertet te la madrastra

  11. madrastra is good film a love madrastra and especli love viktorija(marija)u esteban
    La madrastra e film koj me voodusevuva jas go uvazavam a posebnao marija i esteban sepak toa e samo serija no sekogas koga pla4e marija vo serijata pla4am i jas bidejkki se potsetuvam na mojot zivot
    kiss for viktorija

  12. HEY I am from macedonija…..aj lav this tevenobela….but aj like victorija ruffo she is my idol…..I LOVE SHE

  13. Telenovela Victoria con Victoria Ruffo y Mauricio Ochman es la mejor production del mundo!!!!!!! A mi me gusta mucho es la telenovela que yo amo!! Todo las novela donde interpreta Victoria Ruffo no puede ser mala……es la mejor!!!!!! Victoria Ruffo es mi actriz favotita, y mi actor favorito es Mauricio Ochman!! Los dos son la mejores del mundo y hacen una linda pareja!!!!!! Las amo mucho a los dos!!! Besitos!! Con mucho carino Elisa!!!

  14. salut sunt din romnia ssi sun fan victorei rufffo

  15. victoria me parec una novela superhipermega play no me la pierdo y sus actores son muy bacanos y en especialmente victoria ruffo que es una super actriz y aqui en colombia a tenido mucha audiencia por parte de las mujeres.
    nos llamamos diana y andrea si tambien eres una fans de ella mandanos tu opinion a estos email: vivemadi@hotmail.com y An_bevi@hotmail.com
    chao besos se cuidan

  16. Victory seemed to me a novel superhipermega not play me lose and their players are very bacano and especially in Victoria Ruffo is a super actress and here in india had a lot of hearing from women.
    We call andrea target and also if you’re a fan of it send your opinion to these email: vivemadi@hotmail.com and An_bevi@hotmail.com
    bye kisses are careful

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