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HISSIP’S LIST: Those Who Rocked in ’07 and Will Rock it in ’08

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Enrique Iglesias’s Lust Confessions

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enrique-iglesias-000161.jpgEnrique Iglesias told the New Zealand Herald that love and sex don’t come as a combo.

“Sex and love are so different that, of course, you don’t have to be in love with a woman to sleep with her but it’s amazing when you get them both together.”

Aw. At this point, he’s no doubt referring to Ms. Annie Kournikova, his querida of 5 years.
Enrique also dished out on his dad, telling the newspaper that his father’s promiscuity over the years (3,000 women bedded and counting) is just an “an act”.

Huh…so all those 75 kids he’s got with all these different women is just a cover-up for something “else”? Elaborate please Enrique…the suspense is unbearable.


Putumayo Rocks Reggaeton

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latin-reggae.jpgNo one rocks world music like Putumayo. Their newest compilation entitled Putumayo Presents: Latin Reggae is an audio manual to the reggaeton genre, and is an additional level ambitious from its previous Latin-themed discs as Putumayo Presents: Latin Lounge and Putumayo Presents: Latin Groove. Your abuela probably makes good arroz and pollo, but I doubt she can work a stew like this. The disc features songs from Chilean group Libros Sagrados, and features a Ticklah and Mayra Vego collaboration, the slamming “Si Hecho Palante” as well as a bouncing jam “Reggae Rustico”  from the Puerto Rican reaggaetoners Cultura Profética and ends later with Desbaratado from the culture hybrid Sarazino. Putumayo Presents: Latin Reggae isn’t the first reggaeton compilation, but it sure made you wish that others to come could be as all-compassing.

Fantastic Four en Espanol

In Fantastic Four En Espanol on December 28, 2007 at 5:57 pm

fantastic.jpgThe Latino pull is just too strong for the mainstream to ignore. Now Marvel Comics is getting in the Hispanic game. The comic book giant will be issuing a special issue of the Fantastic Four entitled “Isla de la Muerte. ” Joe Quesada, the editor-in-chief of Marvel Comics told the New York Times:

“Hispanics don’t only mark the fastest-growing segment of the population but also one of our fastest-rising readership segments.”

For those who are still doubting the Latino community’s economic swagger…so there!

Jessica Alba…Engaged

In Jessica Alba on December 28, 2007 at 3:47 pm

alba.jpgIt’s official: mother-to-be Jessica Alba and her boo are engaged. The confirmation came through Steve Carafelli, the future Mrs. Cash Warren’s publicist.  

[Source] pic: (Mark J. Terrill, File / AP Photo)

Don’t Call Javier Bardem a Superstar

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javier-bardem.jpgPeople Magazine may have selected Javier Bardem as one of the sexiest men of the year, but he sure doesn’t see it that way, telling an interviewer that when he looks at himself in the mirror:

“I see a guy who looks like he’s been beaten with a baseball bat.”

The  SAG and Golden Globe-nominted actor, who’s Penelope Cruz’s boo is not only modest, but happens to hold fame into perspective:

“The most important thing is to do the job. I saw my mom a huge theatre actress, being unemployed for years and that’s why I don’t buy into the shiny stuff, the gold. If it happens, then it’s great but tomorrow somebody could say, ‘I’m tired of him, hire somebody else’.” [Source]

Penelope Cruz, a Bollywood Dream

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Penelope Cruz will be acting in a Bollywood film if Indian film producer has his way. He imagines it this way:
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Tales from Jessica Alba’s Crypt: Teen Date

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If you envy Jessica Alba to death, you might want to hear this story. It may make you feel better. Not a whole lot though. Just a little bit. Her first date as a teenager with a male friend was a disaster.

“I picked this restaurant, I thought it was going to be an intimate, five-star place, where people wouldn’t recognize us. It turned out to be a theme restaurant – all the waiters were dressed as pirates and the customers were senior citizens. It was so embarrassing!”

As she grew older, it seems that her restaurant eating experience got better. After breaking up earlier this year, she and her man reconciled with the help of some serious restaurant therapy, dining out at her favorite restaurants. [Source]

Reporter: Tony Didn’t Cheat on Eva

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…at least not with French model Alexandra Paressant.  According to a People reporter/investigator, evidence has exonerated Parker, as Paressant is pathological liar. She made up everything, including photos, and of course the story about her having a passionate fling with Eva Longoria’s husband Tony Parker. A childhood friend of Paressant’s interviewed told reporter Dana Kennedy: “She was never happy in her own skin. She never thought she was pretty enough. She was troubled. It was like she felt she didn’t really exist.”

She was so unhappy, it seems, that she resorted to fabricating fantasy stories? She suffers from some personality disorder? Any psychotherapists out there? Help me out.


Apparently, Ms. Paressant herself isn’t real. The U.S. modeling agency representing her, had never had a face-to-face with her. What’s more the pics that have been circulating of her, are not even of her. But Tony won’t be off the hook that easily. If he’s not cheating with Alexandra, he’ll be cheating with someone. Mark my words.


Alicia Machado’s Sex Tape Scandal

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What’s wrong with these beauty pageant queens? First, it was Ms. Ingrid Marie Rivera and her declared sabotaging/pepperspraying, then suspected, then suspicion-lifted  drama, and now it’s Miss Universe Alicia Machado. Ms. Machado, who up to this point had a demure media image, has a sex tape. And not just any sex tape. It’s of her and Mr. Spain boning it up live in the TV studios. And it’s being distributed all over the Internet. This scandal could be career-breaking. Men are always forgiven for their trespasses, but never women, in Latino culture.