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Aliette Vazquez Dumps DWTS Boyfriend

In Aliette Vasquez on November 30, 2007 at 5:34 pm


(Above: Helio and Ali in happier times.)  

Dacing with the Stars winner Helio Castroneves may have outdanced-danced finalists Melanie “Scary Spice” Brown and Marie Osmond on the show and he may be quite fast on his two feet and on his wheels as a car racing star. But, unfortunately, not fast enough in the romantic arena. His girlfriend Aliette Vasquez got to dump him first. She cancelled their engagement, for reasons we’re sure has nothing to do with another galan!  “We had the engagement off for one or two weeks,” Helio told Access Hollywood. “It’s a shame. … I’m sure we’re going to be friends.” Whatever, Helio. You’re following Mario Lopez, aren’t you? Cheating on your girl, with your 19-year old DWTS partner? Ali, querida, take heart. You’ll find someone in your business circle.


Angie Martinez’s Fashion and Beauty Show

In Angie Martinez on November 28, 2007 at 3:55 pm

angie-martinez-and-mom.jpgShe’s a deejay…a recording artist. Now, she’s a fashion and beauty mogul. That’s my girl Puerto Rican diva Angie Martinez, at the first edition of her self-named beauty and fashion expo. I’m really liking her highlights, but that outfit was sooo inappropriate for a fashion show. Angie, you’re preaching beauty and hair to the world, but you could you have used some lessons yourself? Oh, well, at least she got to pimp Cover Girl for sponsorship. You go, Angie. (That’s Mama Martinez next to her…aww).

 [photo credit: Clutch Magazine]

Eva Mendes’s Soft Porn Endorsement

In Eva Mendes on November 28, 2007 at 3:21 pm


Who better to sell us some high class booze? None other than Eva Mendes. Mendes will be part of an ad campaign for the alcoholic beverage Campari, which includes a calendar with beefy, Harlequinesque featuring photos like the one above. Suprisingly, the calendar has her reenacting scenes from children’s fairy tales like Little Red Riding Hood and Pinocchio. How irresponsible of Ms. Mendes. I’m not gonna come between her and her livelihood but dios mio, couldn’t she try to endorse face creams like Paola Rey. When statistics are showing an increase of alcohol abuse among minorities, especially Latinos, couldn’t Senorita Mendes do some public service announcements instead. But I guess peddling soft porn with alcohol in the background is more ideal. Oh, Eva, Eva.

Salma Hayek and Child

In Salma Hayek on November 28, 2007 at 3:04 pm

Oh, look. It’s Salma Hayek and her baby girl Valentina Paloma Pinault. What a fine picture they make. Looks like Salmita’s hijita got her looks from her father.


Puerto Rican Pageant Officials Investigate

In Ingrid Marie Rivera, Puerto Rican pageant on November 27, 2007 at 6:46 pm

Whoever peppersprayed Miss Puerto Rico Universe 2007 beauty pageant’s eventual winner Ingrid Marie Rivera…you (or you all) are in big trouble.


The pageant’s officials vow to uncover the culprit(s) who stole and subsequently peppersprayed the Puerto Rican beauty’s clothes and makeup causing her to break out in hives. Word is because Ms. Rivera has been a favorite in other pageants, and the Puerto Rican press had been all over the place, predicting her as the winner, the haters felt that they had to act. Pageantry is such a vicious, and ruthless industry with vultures and hyenas and gatas salvajes involved, but still, it’s sad that there are haters at this level. [photo credit: Reuters]

Lupe Ontiveros in New Movie

In America Ferrera, George Lopez, Lupe Ontiveros on November 26, 2007 at 7:51 pm


I hate Christmas and moreso Christmas films. To me La Navidad is way to much exploited by the commercial world.  Jesus is the excuse for the season. Alright, enough ranting…Look out for Lupe Ontiveros (Maya and Miguel, “Una Vez Al Ano Para Toda Una Vida”, As Good As it Gets, “Desperate Housewives”) in the holiday film This Christmas. While some in the Latino community have said that she plays way too many maids, and she herself has been adamant not to be pigeonholed into Mexican maid roles, there’s no denying that like other underdogs playing servitude roles, she brings stately dignity to the screen. Am I the only one who’s still feeling her as Carmen in Real Women Have Curves opposite George Lopez and America Ferrera?

Mariah Carey’s very own perfume

In Jennifer Lopez, Mariah Carey on November 21, 2007 at 8:37 pm

Mariah Carey has now joined the ranks of singers like Jennifer Lopez who have their own perfumes. The singer at Macy’s Glendale yesterday, promoting her new scent called simply M.


We’re surprised that Butterflew Carey didn’t call it Butterfly or Catterpillar or something. Fear not, though, the perfume’s cap is shaped beautifully like a butterfly. Would love to try it out. According to her, the fragrance’s combination consists of dash of Moroccan incnense, a hint of Living Tahitian Tiare, and some chewy marshmallows.

Jennifer Lopez’s “Como Ama Una Mujer”

In Como Ama Una Mujer, Jennifer Lopez, Telenovelas on November 21, 2007 at 4:14 pm


What do you do when you’re mostly known for your assets (gluteus maximus to be exact),  a steadying singing career (aerobic dance moves included),  celebpreneurship ventures (a perfume, a restaurant, a clothing line) and you put your heart and soul out into an all-Spanish album Como Ama Una Mujer that’s slept on by the mainstream? You recycle it into a telenovela, that’s what. Thus was born Jennifer Lopez’s latest venture, her own mini-series on Univision “Como Ama Una Mujer” starring la Mexicana Rebecca Jones (La Vida en El Espejo, Huracan, Passions), Chile’s Cristian de la Fuente (CSI Miami, Soñar no Cuesta Nada, Eve) and Leonor Varela (Arrested Development). Univision has been promoted the series like crazy, even deceptively (or rather, strategically) placing Yeni in the promotional blitz. Many who tuned in were actually under the impression that J.Lo would be starring in it (see the promotional above below). Lots of viewership tune-in for the first episode. Gotta hand it to her. That chica is smart.

Gabriela Vergara in Univision’s Desperate Housewives

In Ana Serradilla, Scarlet Ortiz, Susanna Gonzalez on November 21, 2007 at 3:25 pm


So, Univision’s own version of Desperate Housewives is coming to a television screen near us? Who shall be playing Nicolette Sheridan’s character? None other than Venezuelan actress Gabriela Vergara! This is definitely good news. Great news actually. I so miss seeing Gabriela act. I’ve been enamoured with her ever since seeing her as Barbara Montesino in “La Mujer en el Espejo”. All I can say is, wow, what a great actress. Some people think that her role as Jennifer de la Vega in “La Hija de Jardiniero” is her best ever. I differ. All I can say is Desperate Housewives en Espanol is definitely off to a good start. Bring it on, Gabby. PS: Not sure about how I feel about the other castings: Ana Serradilla will take on Eva Longoria. Not a bad choice. Scarlet Ortiz taking up Teri Hatcher’s role? What a miscast. Where was Susanna Gonzalez? Couldn’t they have tracked her down for this. Que barbaridad.

[photo: Getty Images]

Pitbull to get his own Reality Show

In Big Pun, Fat Joe, Pitbull on November 21, 2007 at 2:21 pm


Looks like Armando “Pitbull Mr. Miami 305” Perez is balling these days. The Latino cable network Mun2 will be giving him his own reality series La Esquina (“The Corner”) and that’s in addition to his sketch show Rock, Pepe, Scissors, set to debut in a few months. He’s the perfect choice for the reality series. He is one of the few Hispanic rappers besides Fat Joe and the late Big Pun who has credibility with the mainstream hip-hop (Pitbull has collaborated with Little Jon)—in addition to his leverage with Latinos. His next album, a sort of sequel to 2006’s El Mariel, is called–(no surprise) The Boatlift. The first single “Secret Admirer” featuring Lloyd is already drawing some buzz. The album drops November 27th from TVT Records.