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Don Omar’s Baby Mama Drama

In Don Omar on August 22, 2007 at 8:07 pm

don-omar.jpgOoh, ooh, Don Omar is being sued for child support. Ooh.

Melissa del Valle Rodriguez the mother of DO’s 16-month old daughter Diana told the media that he’s trying lower the child support $5,200 in monthly payments, set by the court last April, to $2,000, because he alleges that his two other sons from yet another relationship are getting just that.  But Melissa is having none of that.

“She hasn’t got a home, she lives with her grandmother and doesn’t even have her own room. Given her father’s life style, we don’t think it’s fair,” his ex-mujer’s lawyers told Primera Hora.

That little girl didn’t ask to be born, Don Perro. Now sign those papers and give her what she deserves as your daughter. And let the state have its cut too.